5 Ways to Keep Costs Down while Keeping Buyers Happy

by | May 10, 2017 | Transportation and Logistics

Once they shop at your online store, most customers expect deliveries to be free of charge. But rising shipping and fulfillment expenses can get in the way of those things. However, you still want to keep your customers happy. Good thing you could resort to other ways to keep those costs low. Take a look:

Examine those options

Depending on the weight of your package, you could qualify for lost-cost delivery. Read up on the different ones so you know how to make the most out of every parcel you send, Practical Ecommerce suggests.

Use air freight only when you need to

Air freight is the most expensive shipping option. Don’t use it until you need to. Plenty of customers are willing and only happy to wait for their packages just to avoid paying for high shipping rates.

Find the right one

And if you must, make sure you find credible and trustworthy international air freight services for your shipment. You wouldn’t want to deal with inferior service and quality issues if you’re simply hiring the lowest-priced option you could find. Does the company have the resources to ensure they get the job done and done right? Can the company offer you much-needed end-to-end solutions?

Ask around

Asking around could net you a lot of helpful tips, suggestions and referrals. This could give you enough leads to find your way to international air freight services uniquely suited to the needs of your business.

Look out for billing errors

Don’t just accept those invoices from your carriers. Check them for billing errors. You never know when someone makes an honest mistake that could cost you about 30 percent more of the normal rate. By paying attention to the smallest details, you could save on costs, pass those onto your customers through free deliveries and keep them happy.

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