International Baggage Delivery Service Should Never Empty Your Wallet

by | Apr 15, 2016 | Transportation and Logistics

Too often baggage is lost at the airport, or you make it all the way to your destination only to find out that some of your items were broken in the trip. In addition to not guaranteeing safe arrival of your items, check-in fees have only raised in the last decade as inflation hits the air travel market. One fantastic way to better insure your baggage, is to have it shipped before your flight even happens. Not only does this offer a higher rate of safe, fast delivery and a lower rate of potential property damage, but also it can be more cost effective. In order to reduce the headache of long flights from one country to another, get rid of the added pressure and instability of flying with extra baggage. Try a baggage delivery service instead, and your troubles will soon be over.

Why Your Baggage is So Often Lost in Transit

Thousands of air travelers lose their baggage forever because of a mistake made by the airlines. In fact, if an airline cannot locate the owner of any lost baggage within 90 days, it may be donated to charity! The more frequent your travels, the higher your risk of lost baggage. If you are very, very lucky, your baggage may simply be left behind, and returned to you on your arrival back home. Too often, however the lost baggage is never found again. Depending on the country you visit, the cost of new clothing and sanitary accessories could be extremely expensive. An entire trip might be ruined for the loss of one small piece of baggage, which housed a wedding gift for your sister or your grandmother’s antique set of pearls.

One of the highest leading causes of baggage loss is a damaged or illegible routing label. If an airport has no idea where your baggage is to be sent, they will simply hold onto it until it is claimed or sent off to charity. You may simply forget to pick your baggage up and start your visit without it. This is the more easily rectified reason, as a quick call can usually solve the problem. Your bag might even be loaded onto the wrong plane entirely! You may find yourself visiting a beautiful city in the UK while your luggage takes a trip to India.

Shipping Saves Headaches, Time, and Money

At the end of the day, any number of accidents can occur that result in the loss of your baggage. By choosing an international baggage delivery service, you guarantee the arrival of everything needed in order to enjoy your business or pleasure trip. No foreign country is too far, and shipping prices can be heavily discounted in your favor.

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