How to Learn 2D Animation (and Why You Should)

by | Feb 15, 2016 | Technology & Science

In the world of commercial animation, 3D is king, for many reasons. With 3D, you have the ability to change camera angles, light from different angles, and make other changes without having to redraw the entire scene. 2D, on the other hand, has no such advantages. Still, 2D is a craft, and it takes much skill to execute it properly. 2D animation courses are a must if you wish to master this art form.

What Is 2D Animation?

2D animation may be described as “old school” animation, in the tradition of animated cartoons from the 1800s and 1900s. This type of animation has traditionally been done by painting characters and objects onto a series of transparent cels, then photographing the cels in sequence over a hand-painted background. Today, with the assistance of computer technology, this process can be somewhat simplified. However, much of the original imagery may still be hand-drawn.

Is 2D Animation Dead?

While 3D is more modern-looking, and in many ways easier to work with, there is still some demand for 2D. One reason is the retro vibe it sends out. There will always be an audience yearning for craftsmanship and the feeling of days gone by. This makes the techniques you will learn in your 2D animation courses relevant for online marketing, advertising and possibly even television programs.

What You Will Learn in a 2D Animation Course

2D animation courses often start with the basics of drawing believable movement. You will also learn about texturing, storyboarding and design, and the technologies used to create these elements. When you learn from professional, working animators, you will learn, not just the technical skills you need, but also how to overcome real-world obstacles. Your teachers may also be able to help you with job placement, once you have finished your courses.

If you love classic animation and enjoy drawing, then pursuing education in 2D animation is something you should consider. It is an art form with a rich history, and your ability to master it will prove that you fully understand the animation process, including things like storytelling, character creation and body language, along with the technological skills required to produce a finished piece.

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