How Your Name Affects Your Life More Than You Know

Numerology is the study of numbers in a person’s life. While they affect many aspects, numbers give meaning to a person’s name, which in turn, has various effects on a person’s life. Knowing the meaning of names

Importance of Classified Ads in the Modern Society

Advertisement is a wonderful way of telling people about a product or services that has just been introduced to the market. It is a common marketing strategy adopted by corporate to increase the chances of their product/service

Must have Kurti designs for Women Wardrobe

Ethnic wear has returned to become the new trend among women. Fashion changes with time, but the traditional outfits never lose their charm in women’s wardrobe. Lehengas and sarees cannot be worn everywhere. The comfort and appearance

Drape It Like You Mean It, Gorgeous!

Ladies, I have excellent news for you. Sarees are back on the ramp, and they are more in trend now than ever before! So go over to your mom’s closets and raid them, because you are going


Parties are something where one needs to give serious consideration towards their dressing style. People look at each other and make clear judgments about each other’s dressing sense. A person’s dressing sense gives a hint about their


Mutual funds are subject to market risk, but they are less risky when money is invested large-cap mutual funds. There a numerous mutual funds present in the market. Normally there are three types of mutual funds that

Understanding the Process of Creating Collage Canvas Prints

Want to memorialize a special day? Looking to put together a collection of images for your grown children that show their growth and development over time? Whatever the case, collage canvas prints can help you achieve your

Your Mid-Century Modern House and You

Here in Britain we are proud of our architectural heritage. Owning or living in a Grade I or Grade II listed property is a source of pride. We strive to protect these beautiful historic buildings with a

Reliance Jio Makes its 4G Download Speed Faster than Vodafone

In September, Reliance Jio had recorded a high average 4G download speed of 21.9 megabit per second which is 2.5 times faster than what Vodafone is providing. This report was presented by TRAI. Recent reports show that

Print it Yourself or Use an Online Photo Print Lab?

When it comes to being a photographer, amateur or professional, there is the ever present debate over whether to print your photos yourself with a printer in your own home or send them off to a professional