Print it Yourself or Use an Online Photo Print Lab?

When it comes to being a photographer, amateur or professional, there is the ever present debate over whether to print your photos yourself with a printer in your own home or send them off to a professional online photo print lab instead. The answer as to which one you should do comes down to how comfortable you are with printing and if you have time to do it yourself. Read on below for some of the benefits of sending your photos off to be printed, instead of printing them at home.

Saves You Time

While working with an online photo print lab has you giving up some of the control over your photos, if you are always on the run, then it makes sense to save yourself some time by having them done professionally. Think about it this way. The time you would be spending printing your own photos, could be time spent taking more photographs to print instead. In a world, where everyone has very little time to spare, that is one job that you don’t have to worry about.

Discounts, which Save You Money

Many online print labs offer discounts on prints, that’s something you aren’t going to get if you are printing the photos yourself. Between the cost of ink, the high dollar printer and the high dollar quality paper to print your photos on, you are going to be spending much more that you would just by sending the photos to be printed online.

These are just a few of the reasons to use an online photo print lab instead of printing your photos yourself. Between the money and time saved, it’s no wonder that many photographers have their stuff professionally printed. For more information and to make use of online photo print labs now, contact the professionals at ArtDotz for answers to your many questions.