Transfer Money To India From Germany

by | Oct 28, 2016 | Finance and Loans

Transfer of money to India from a foreign land is process which every migrant follows. Families residing in India are mostly dependent on those who are residing abroad. The sender may have shifted his or her base to the foreign land for work purpose or may be an NRI. Still, the fact of transferring money to India to our loved ones remains the same. Being a migrant in a different country thus comes with lot of responsibility as one has to take care of the family residing in India. Germany is one such country which has a good number of Indian descent residing.

As per a study, about 10,000 students from India take admissions to various courses in Germany for pursuing higher studies and exploring research opportunities. The number has only increased since then; in fact the intake of Indian students in German universities has doubled. The result is always appealing, as these same students get job opportunities in the same country. Comfortable with the lifestyle and attractive job offers they prefer settling there. Other these set of Indians, there are others who get work opportunities from the country. Indians moving to Germany usually are very well-educated and get high-paying jobs. Eventually they are satisfied with the money they are offer and on top of a western lifestyle attracts them.

The Indian communityin Germany basically includes Indian expatriates, as well as German citizens of Indian origin or descent. Though they are residing in Germany, they have their families staying in India. So transferring money to India from Germany is one of the basic activity for them. The send money is used for various purposes such as family maintenance, educational purposes, repayment of debts, construction of houses and even for occasion like marriages. Due to work responsibilities travelling to India is not the first choice, sending financial support every month or during important occasion is followed.

Today, transferring money to India from Germany is easy with the introduction of online money tranfser service. The good news for senders is that the costs for these money transfer service have been declining and options have expanded over the years. In addition, one also gets to see the prepayment disclosure of exchange rates, the amount of foreign currency to be delivered, and fees, and to resolve errors. One such money transfer service provider is RemitGuru. If you are remitting funds to any bank in India, their smart and efficient electronic remittance network enables you to send money to India without hassles.

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