Book a Stay aboard a Kerala Boat House

by | Aug 3, 2015 | Travel And Outdoors

Filled with mist covered valleys and thick green forests, this exotic corner of southern India is known as the land of mystery and beauty. The hilly side served as a hill station and resort during the British Raj, and has continued being a popular tourist destination to this day. Along with its tea plantations it is also known for its legendary backwaters or lagoons which draw in tourists from all over the world. Booking a stay in a Kerala boat house is one of the best ways to experience this exotic locale and soak in the incredible natural beauty of the place. These quaint and cozy houseboats make for a major attraction here and their increasing demand only shows how their uniqueness attracts more tourists every day.

Aboard a boat house one can gently cruise down the lagoons and lakes passing thick forests and riverside villages which are interspersed with busy fishermen, palm trees and paddy fields along with traditional churches. While the waves and gentle rocking of the can lull one into a peaceful slumber, the abundance of rare and colorful fauna in their natural habitat makes for a stunning view. From exotic birds to mighty elephants, fearsome tigers to quintessential water creatures every aspect of nature here beckon one to explore more. A visit to Kerala fully explains why it has been nicknamed as ‘God’s Own Country’.

There are different kinds of Kerala boat house packages to choose from. It can be a tour of a few hours to a full-fledged cruise spanning days, depending upon ones choice and budget. Some stick to the canals and waterways while others go deeper into the larger lakes and backwater lagoons. Most of the cruises stop over at Alapuzha which is known as the Venice of the East. This quaint little town was the hub for spice traders during the 18th century and offers visitors an insightful and rich view of history that shaped early trade routes. The houseboat offers one to step into the past and have a dazzling holiday experience.

Boat house packages rank high in global Aqua Tourism industry. The spectacular topography of the place offers bright glimpse of the thick mangrove forests and coconut lagoons, the rich green hills and deep interconnected waterways which promise mystery, adventure, beauty and peace at the same time. If you want to experience nature at its best then this is the place to visit and make incredible memories.

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