Massive Export Economy in India Demands Top-notch International Courier Services

by | Mar 12, 2015 | Travel And Outdoors

India is a country which depends upon its import and export traffic to fuel the tremendous economy which has evolved over the past several decades. This is one of the primary drivers for the need of international courier services in India. There are countless items which are exported to other countries each year and India is home to some of the biggest shipping hubs in the world. Here are the five top export items and their requirements for international courier services from India.

#1 Export: Mineral Products

India produces an abundance of mineral based products. These include mineral oils, mineral oil products, mineral fuels, mineral waxes and bituminous substances. Over $62 million s per year is exported in various forms via international courier services in India.

#2 Export: Jewelry Supplies, Finished Products and Coins

A variety of precious and semi-precious stones are shipped from India to throughout the rest of the globe. Cultured and natural pearls, precious metals, metals overlaid with precious metals, imitation jewelry and coins, these are exported in the forms of raw materials and the various stages leading up to finished articles. Just under $44 million worth of these items are transported to other countries throughout the globe each year.

#3 Export: Vehicles

Over $12 million worth of vehicles are manufactured and transported from India annually. This figure doesn’t include any other industries related to railway vehicles, tramway, rolling stock or any of the parts associated with them.

#4 Export: Machinery

Over $11.5 million worth of machinery is exported from India annually. This includes a vast assortment of mechanical appliances, machinery and the parts which are associated with these items.

#5 Export: Organic Chemicals

Over $12 million worth of organic chemicals were exported from India in 2013, and future projections predict a steady increase.

The next top imports from India after those are: pharmaceutical products, cereals, electrical machinery, equipment and associated parts, sound recorders and reproducers, television image and sound recorders and parts, cotton, iron and steel.

The massive amount of exports coming out of the country makes it necessary to maintain top notch international courier services in India. The vast import and export business which is conducted requires the use of couriers to deliver parcels from the size of documents, medium and larger sized packages to massive cargo orders which contain raw materials for use in the manufacture of goods in other countries. Dependable international courier services in India are required to fulfill the needs of the businesses exporting these goods. For more information about a company which is fully equipped and prepared to deliver first-rate international courier services in India, get in touch with the professionals found at Fastway Express.

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