Muslim Grooms Find Your Perfect Life Partner

by | Mar 16, 2016 | Lifestyle & People

It has become increasingly difficult for a Muslim groom to find a partner for Nikah matrimony on their own.  Matrimony use to depend on parental input and relatives helping to make the match but today it is not always possible to find a bride based on your personal criteria.

It takes a perfect match to create a harmonious home. The solemn bond of Nikah depends on two willing people that are equally matched.  Finding the perfect match is a very important process that cannot be left up to chance.  There are several areas that have to match for matrimony to be beneficial to both parties:

  • Similar family wealth
  • Similar education
  • Physical attraction
  • Ability to communicate with each other
  • Same values

There is a difference between faith and culture and while many people share the same faith, the culture may not completely match.  It is important that similar family standing is present because it points to a common ground, of course when love is present because all of the other qualities are present family wealth is not so important.

You want to be able to find a bride that has a similar level of education that will be a true partner in all things.  Physical attraction plays a role as well but there is no role more important that having the same values.

Just a Peek is not Enough

Unfortunately many sites that are supposed to help Muslim grooms find a bride only give you a small look at potential matches. You do not get the “whole story” which can lead to disappointment. In today’s word it is very important to be able to see exactly who you are considering, not just bits and pieces.

You want to be able to filter out the women that you know are not for you. It is actually a much fairer way to search for a bride. There is no reason to get anyone’s hopes up if you can see from their profile early on that they are just not a good match. A complete profile is very important in finding the perfect match.

Of course it works both ways. For a woman that is searching for her Muslim groom you want a complete profile to evaluate. The marriage contract is a very important step and you want to be sure that you are not considering someone that is not a good fit.

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