A Cornea Transplant Can Restore Your Vision

by | Mar 31, 2016 | Health and Pain Management

If you or someone you love has damaged eyes as a result of infection, a birth defect, or any other sort of condition, then you may not be sure what to do. Vision is essential for doing many things in this world, and when it is disrupted it can be hard to maneuver in your environment. Fortunately, if you have low or no vision because of issues with your corneas such as scarring or inflammation, then there is a solution: receive a cornea transplant from a human donor in order to restore your sight.

Getting a Cornea Transplant

The cornea is glass like transparent outermost portion of your eye. If the cornea is damaged, then you will no longer be able to see clearly. This damage might be the result of an injury, or a bacterial or viral infection. It may even be something that has always been there, but that you have decided to deal with medically. Whatever the reason for your corneal defect, ASG Eye Hospitals is a chain of super-specialty eye hospitals serving 15 cities with 19 operational specialty eye hospitals that can help you get a corneal transplant.

A cornea transplant is a simple procedure that can be done under local or general anesthesia, so that there is no reason for you to be worried. As long as you have expert doctors, it will be a quick and painless procedure. ASG provides world-class surgeons having vast surgical experience and expertise. Most of ASG Eye Hospitals’ surgeons are trained from reputed All India institute of Medical sciences, New Delhi. ASG’s HOTA approved hospital and eye bank is the right place to receive corneal transplant.

The Joy of Sight:

After your transplant is complete, the new cornea will be grafted on where your old one was removed on the outer surface of your eye, or both eyes if you needed two transplants. Over the course of time the eye will heal completely. Best of all, because your immune system cannot reach the eye (the cornea), you will not need to take immunosuppressive drugs for your whole life.

With our expert doctors and multiple convenient locations, if you are in need of a new cornea, there is no reason not to consider going to the very best hospitals where you will receive top-notch care at an affordable cost.

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