Why You Should Ship Your Bags Ahead of Time

by | Jan 11, 2016 | Transportation and Logistics

We’ve all had it happen. You’ve packed and repacked and checked to make sure that your luggage won’t exceed the weight limit and incur extra charges. However, it always seems to happen that your favorite bag is a fraction of an inch over what it needed to be. You didn’t necessarily have to take with you to begin with, and now it’s costing you extra money. A great way to prevent this scenario from happening is by shipping your items to your destination, before you get there.

The Benefits

A multitude of benefits exist when it comes to deciding to ship excess baggage overseas. The biggest advantage is the fact that it makes travel easier. Traveling involves keeping track of very many small details at once, and it is easily to become overwhelmed and forget the plan when something changes. Packing and sending luggage to your destination ahead of time prevents any sort of rushing or extra costs due to an excess luggage weight.

Sending luggage before departing also makes for a smother airport experience. With less baggage to lug around, it is easier to walk quickly from gate to gate, and the ability to navigate through lots of people is made easier with free hands.

Some companies even offer luggage pickup and delivery service, which is ideal for people who have airports that are far out of their way, or who have a late or very early flight and don’t feel like driving somewhere extra to pick up their bags.

The Cost

Most services operate on a cost per lb, or kg, basis but their respective prices are often much cheaper than airliners or other shipping services or companies.

Types of Items Allowed

Just like with shipping any other type of product or item, be sure to watch for a list of prohibited items. Even though this is luggage, it is still being transported and shipped and needs to adhere to the same guidelines as other materials that are moved the same way. Luckily, the list of items that cannot be taken on a plane, or other form of public transportation, are also items that cannot be shipped. To be sure, contact customer service with whichever prospective company to clarify.

In summation, shipping excess baggage overseas has definite advantages as opposed to paying higher costs for airliners or shipping items by traditional methods like snail mail. Not only are your items guaranteed through insurance and tracking methods, but a proactive decision to ship items ahead of time can make travel as a whole much easier.

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