Weighing The Possibilities For Ongoing Requirements For International Freight Shipping

by | May 13, 2016 | Transportation and Logistics

India is becoming a global leader in many industries, and more businesses are shipping products internationally than ever before. In fact, the growth of containerized cargo has moved India up to 11th overall country in the world, annually shipping over 1.9 million TEUs or twenty-foot equivalent units, a standard measurement used to designate the capacity of a cargo ship.

While some of this cargo may have been single shipments of products, the vast majority was ongoing or repeat shipments bound for the United Kingdom, the United States or European countries. Additionally, through the airports in India, there were over 2.26 million tonnes of freight shipped by planes, making this a growth of about 5.5% annually with the rate expected to stay at that level until at least 2018.

The result is that there are even more choices for businesses to consider when choosing international freight shipping. For companies shipping continually or frequently, partnering with the right courier and cargo shipper is going to be a critical factor in the ongoing cost of doing business internationally.

Options for Small or Large Shipments

The best companies offering international freight shipping will be able to provide both air and sea freight options based on your needs. Typically the courier or shipper will work closely with their corporate customers to help to find ways to reduce the cost of shipping and to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Based on the weight and size of the cargo, the shipping budget, and the speed of delivery requirements, one or both options may be considered. As the size and weight of the cargo will have the largest impact on air freight costs, taking a closer look at estimates and numbers will be important.

Frequent Shipments

For ongoing shipments to international customers, the international freight shipping service may recommend a specific schedule of shipments to ensure a continual supply or product as required by the buyer. For very time sensitive materials or products, or for shipping perishable or special types of cargo, airline freight may be the most practical option.

Keep in mind that sea shipping schedules are not as exact as airline schedules, so working with a window of delivery times may be important depending on the destination port and even seasonal variations in shipping conditions. Working with an experienced international courier aware of these issues can help you to plan scheduling to accommodate for these types of issues and concerns.

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