Why Online Fundraising is Best

by | Jan 13, 2017 | Small Business

Online fundraising is one of the easiest ways to raise money for a variety of causes. Unlike other options that require an investment to raise money, online fundraising opportunities do not require that you invest anything at all to raise money.

What Makes It Best
There are two primary ways to reach your fundraising goals-ask as many people as you can for help and make it very easy for people to help. Online knocks those two things right off the list.  An online venue can reach literally thousands of people in a day! If two friends tell two friends who tell two more and it goes on and on, you will create a virtual web of people that know about your needs.

Other reasons that it is the best way to raise money include:
*Easy access
*Easy use
*Very convenient
*No limits for giving
*No minimums for giving

It is so easy to set up a fundraiser page online! You just have to set up your account and start your fundraiser, it does not get any easier!

Everyone who has access to the internet can access your fundraiser! You don’t need to leave home to attend anything nor do you have to worry about making it anywhere by a special time.  There is no limit on the level of giving and there is also no minimum for giving which works out great! People do not have to feel bad about only being able to contribute a small amount.

Ketto will help you get your fundraiser rolling!

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